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The top 10 kayak fishing channels period.

Nucanoe Flint Spotlight Video

A lot of you have been asking for it. Well here it is! A closer look at the Nucanoe Flint in this Nucanoe Flint...

Winter Striped Bass Fishing: Part 1

I'm in East Tennessee and I meet up with River Wolf to catch some big Winter Striped Bass! I't doesn't take long for us...

Unrealistic Expectations – Bass Fishing Minor Successes

Fun trip out with the little fella! Was keen to chase some bass and give it a crack... and it sort of worked... Sort...

100’s of GIANT Jacks On The Flat! EPIC Fishing

Epic Jack Invasion on a recent Inshore trip. 15lb-30lbs Jacks by the 100's were exploding on bait... We hooked them on Topwater poppers, Live...

MASSIVE Fish Breaks Rod in Half while Kayak Fishing | Field Trips Panama

In this episode we're taking 10 clients kayak fishing offshore in Panama for some MONSTER fish. I hook into something enormous that tows me...

The Hungry Black Man: Ceasar’s Famous Ribs

Follow the smoke

Business Update Part 4

To stay up to date on all things Zoffinger, go to This is probably the best way to contact us. If you're interested...
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