Using a duck to catch fish!


Catching big redfish at night on the Savage gear duck topwater.

Instagram Shots of the Week – A selection of the best Instagram shots by the names we know in the kayak fish world.

 Some of our favorites from the Kayak Fishing realm, out doing their thing. Here’s a list of some of the week’s best posts. . As I was reading a magazine on the plane today, I came across an article introducing the “naked restaurant” concept which features a room with HD screens set to a jungle The post Instagram Shots...

8 Tips For Buying A Used Fishing Kayak

Full disclosure, I have a kayak purchasing problem. I love fishing kayaks, all brands, all sizes. Through my years of buying used kayaks I, much like Liam Neeson, have developed a particular set of skills.  When buying a used kayak,…

Noosa Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament 2018


Each year Noosa comp grows bigger. This year there were 60+ entrants! It always seems to be a scorching day with lots of ground to cover but it hasn't disappointed yet with the comp again producing some nice fish even under slow fishing conditions. I think in the end it

Offshore Bully: Sailfish by Suprise – A winter trip off Pompano Pier gave Kwanza Henderson quite the surprise.

Sailfish by Suprise was caught in peak season for the Florida angler. Kwanza Henderson keeps tabs on his local fishing zones. From chasing exotic peacock bass in the neighborhood to offshore trips for sailfish. This video highlights the sailfish caught out of Pompano Pier, Florida. From Kwanza’s accounts, “I was using a Shimano jigging rod The post Offshore Bully:...

Looking Forward to the Wilderness and Canoe Symposium – “It’s an opportunity to learn and get inspired,” says volunteer organizer Aleks Gusev

In the dead of winter 1986, a small group of canoeists gathered in George Luste's Toronto home, beginning an annual tradition of stories, photos and dreaming of wilderness trips. Luste and his wife, Linda, were inveterate canoe travelers and stalwart members of the Wilderness Canoe Association. Soon, registrations for the Lustes's informal gathering expanded well The post Looking Forward...

Winter Striped Bass Fishing: Part 2


Day 2 of chasing big Winter Striped Bass! It was teally vold and the bite was tough but I manage to hook up with a quality fish! Watch Winter Striped Bass Fishing Part 1 by clicking the link below. Follow me on social media! learn more about

Filming On Lunch Break


Every day while I'm on lunch break at school I walk around with my camera just to snap pictures. Although I love doing photography, I love filming just a little bit more. Doing short films, documentaries and story telling. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I can use the 30 minutes to come out with something...

Tepui Tents Roadtrip Giveaway – 10 Lucky Winners Get Up to $4,000 and Tepui Gear for a Getaway

Tepui Tents Roadtrip Giveaway Year of Endless Adventure Campaign The rooftop tent company is staying core to their roots and launching a giveaway to promote roadtrips. The company lives by the hashtag slogans #getlost & #endlessadventure and wants to know where you’d like to go. Tepui is all ears. What drives you to get off The post Tepui Tents...

Remembering Sam Grafton – The Pacific Northwest paddling community gathers to mourn the loss of one its best and brightest

Paddling gives so much to us, sometimes it is hard to recognize the flip side: that it can take away everything. After receiving the recent news that the Pacific Northwest paddling community had lost one of its brightest young boating chargers on February 10, I was in disbelief. Every boating community has moments like this, The post Remembering Sam...