Great white shark flips over kayaker while biting into kayak; video report

A kayaker was understandably rattled when he came face-to-face with a great white shark in a heart-pumping encounter that forced the closure of city beaches Thursday afternoon in Santa Barbara, California. Bret Z. Jackson, 40, had been paddling for about 45 minutes when the incident occurred about a mile east of Stearns Wharf. | The post Great white...

Kayak Fishing Tampa Bay with Derick Burgos of Phatfish Kayak Charters

This week the guys from FishingBooker caught up with Captain Derick Burgos from Phatfish Kayak Charters, one of the guides running regular kayak fishing trips out of Tampa Bay. They talked guiding, Tarpon, and the future of fishing in the area. So Captain Derick, tell us, how did you get into kayak fishing in the first place? Captain Derick...

Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL First Look

Everyone wants a pedal-driven kayak, even weekend warriors. To answer the demand, Ocean Kayak has released the new Malibu. The boat features an open bow well and stern well. There’s a jump seat in the stern for the kids and…

Bending Branches’ Redesigned Paddles

I’ve been using a carbon fiber Bending Branches paddle for the past six years. It’s scratched and the lettering has worn off but the paddle still goes like a bandit. I love that paddle, but I think I found a…

SmallMouth, Mean River, Oklahoma Smallie Fishing!


Jon Barlow and I team up with Oklahoma locals, Karen and Randy Rodriguez and take on one of Oklahoma's most isolated rivers. Our goal was to hunt down Smallmouth Bass, since I hadn't caught a good sized one in many years since my Devil's River trip. Kayaks By: Tackle:

River etiquette tips for paddling in groups

Here are eight important tips to stay safe and happy both on and off the river. The post River etiquette tips for paddling in groups appeared first on

FeelFree Dorado First Look

ICAST 2017 was buzzing about FeelFree’s new Dorado kayak. This is a massive fishing machine with pedals, motors and paddle power. The boat features all the FeelFree favorites like the Gravity seat and Wheel in the Keel. Then, they added…

Hobie H-Crate Jr First Look

I love Hobie’s H-Rail system, but I don’t have a Hobie kayak. Hobie includes sections of twelve-sided H-Rail tubing on their boats as a convenient way to attach compatible accessories like rod holders and tackle trays. Accessories can be tightened…

Junior Angler (Age 10) Landing A Smoker King Mackerel From Kayak – DEEP BLUE


Brody (Age 10) caught the biggest fish of his life (19lb King Mackerel) from a kayak! It crushed his live bait in 170ft of water off the coast of Southeast Florida. No matter the matter your skill level we have a DEEP BLUE trip for you! Visit to